SDHF – English

Do you have an Android phone? Congratulations, then you can now download SDHF’s app to your phone. Of course, it works just as well with an Android tablet.

Do this.

  1. If you do not have a QR reader installed on your mobile / tablet, go to the google store via your mobile/tablet. Search for example, QR and barcode readers. Click install.
  1. Open the QR app in your phone / tablet.
  2. On your computer, go to SDHF:s app..

Point the phone / tablet at the QR code. Click install.

During installation, you will be asked to approve a third-party app in your phone / tablet settings. Do it.

  1. When asked if the app should have access to your photos, etc., answer no, do not ask again.
  2. SDHF’s app will now be installed on your phone / tablet. When done, click open. The app is updated automatically when the web page is updated. Problem, get in touch with the webmaster.
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