About SDHF

The Swedish Diving History Association started on 23 May 1979 with the aim of saving the old dive tank house for posterity, which according to the Fortifications Administration’s intentions would be demolished before the summer. An appeal in a few newspapers and an invitation to people who were interested in and in many cases employed in diving activities in various forms resulted in a small group founding the association which only got a board of two people Bo Cassel secretary and Hans Örnhagen chairman, with assignments to achieve the association’s goal, ie save the diving tank house for posterity.

Pictures from the Inauguration

April 11, 1997 is another milestone date for the dive tank house. Dr Claes Lindemark’s book on the active time of the diving tank house was presented and the Maritime History Museum officially announced that the house is now rented by the Royal Djurgården administration and that work will slowly begin on renovating the house to enable a collection of diving history interesting objects together with Swedish Diving History. Association.

The book, ”Dykhuset på Galärvarvet” by Claes Lindemark, Sjöhistoriska Museets Rapport 33. ISBN 91-85268-66-6 only a few copies remain. Can be found at antique shops.
The diving tank house and the diving history collections were open for the first time in connection with the Archipelago Fair 29 – 30 May, 1999.
Now our goal is to be open on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer.