Why you should become a member:

Because you are interested in the sea, diving in all its forms and want to learn more about ancient diving. You also want to help preserve and spread knowledge about Swedish diving history but also document the present and preserve this for the future.

This is what we offer you as a member of the Swedish Diving History Association:

  • You get to meet and exchange experience with different categories of divers as the members of the association represent all types of divers, sports divers, military divers, construction and research divers.
  • You get the opportunity to try hars hat diving (if you hav any kind of diving certificate).
  • Learn and help us with refurbish older diving equipment.
  • You get to actively help preserve a cultural heritage that meant a lot to many individuals, companies and not least to society at large.
  • You receive our member magazine Signallinan twice a year (Swedish text). We keep you updated on the association’s current activities and upcoming events.
  • You get access to our member pages and updates as soon as something new is published on our website.
  • Register now:

    Register with the cashier by depositing the annual fee of SEK 300 PG 4400251-7, Swedish Diving History Association or Swish 1236359491 Mark the payment with name. Then send an e-mail to where you state address, telephone and e-mail address and that you want to become a member and have paid.