Culture Heritage Day, 2014

September 14, 2014

We had the museum open to visitors during Cultural Heritage Day on Sunday, September 14.

It was beautiful weather and there were many tourists walking along the quay at the Galär shipyard.

Several of these came in and visited our museum. We had a total of 82 visitors during the day and it was an interesting mix of tourists, trade unionists, divers and former divers, an interesting international mix from all corners of the earth.

Among some notable ones was an officer from the US Naval Posgraduate School who had an employee at home in Monterey who is interested in remote-controlled underwater vehicles (ROVs) and who enthusiastically took several photos of our ROVs to send home.

If we are lucky we may be able to get help with information about our unique ROV’s relationship to other vehicles.

Other exotic visitors were a doctor from Pakistan who had worked with osteonecrosis (bone death) of divers and a Polish sports diver who wanted to know everything about our association. He spent an hour reading all the information signs, bringing extra brochures to distribute to his friends in Poland, and then he bought a sweater and fabric brand.

We also had a visit by Hans-Lennart Ohlsson, Museum Director of the Maritime History Museum.

As always a very nice day in the service of diving.