Lecture evenings at Dyktankhuset.

There is an opportunity for Dive Clubs and associations to arrange lecture and club evenings at Dyktankhuset. Contact us via our contact form to discuss your requests and get cost suggestions. Coffee is included. We have a small kitchenette so there is the opportunity for you to bring something to eat.


Examples of lectures by / by Hans Örnhagen

Historical theme lectures:

  • How we saved the Dive Tank House from demolition in 1997.
  • Swedish pressure chamber for research and clinic. From Dr. Sandahl 1862 to DNC 2016.
  • Swedish diving development from Trievald’s watch to Poseidon’s rebreather.
  • Hydrox diving in Sweden. From Arne Zetterström 1945 to MDC / FOA 1984.
  • 50 years of diving and diving medicine in Sweden.
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    Lectures with a diving medical theme can also be conducted, for example

    • About oxygen in a diving accident.
    • Technical diving in the future. Liquid respiration or chemical decompression?
    • About inert gas transport and diving tables.
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