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Because you are interested in the sea, diving in all its forms and want to learn more about ancient diving. You also want to help preserve and disseminate knowledge of Swedish diving history but also document the present and preserve it for the future. We offer this to you as a member of the Swedish Diving History Association: p>

  • You get to meet and exchange experience with different categories of divers as the members of the association represent all types of divers, sports divers, military divers, construction and research divers.
  • You will have the opportunity to try diving and to help with the renovation of older diving equipment.
  • You can actively help preserve a cultural heritage that has meant a great deal to many individuals, companies and not least to society at large.
  • You get our member magazine Signallinan twice a year. We will keep you updated on the association’s ongoing activities and upcoming events.
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    Register to the treasurer by sending a request through our mail Contact us stating your name, address, phone and email address and that you want to become a member and we will contact you with further details. span> strong> p>