Working weekend in Dyktankhuset

Working days at Dyktankhuset

We have cleaning days Saturday-Sunday, February 25-26, 10 am-4pm.

Feel free to help! The more the merrier.

You can, if interested, report your contribution on info (you know what sign)
Of course, we do not expect you, who live far from Stockholm, to participate, but we are many in the immediate area and all forces are welcome!
Well met in Dyktankhuset!
The Board / Birgitta

SDHF cleans in storage container.

On Friday, February 17, five of the association members spent cleaning in the association’s container. Much of what is in the container is duplicates and in such poor condition that there is nothing to save. For a collector, there may be spare parts and components in the assortment that may be of interest. The intention, therefore, is to arrange a second hand market for those who are interested later in spring. Those who already know that they would like to come and see what is there should contact the association’s email address. Of course, the date for the market will be announced on this websiteda.

From left. Bert Westenberg, Hans Forsman, Tomas Jangvik and Hans Bohlin.

(Photo: H Örnhagen)